Mental Health Day!

Hey #KaisoTribe! It’s freaking November and I’m just not ready. It’s a gigantic countdown to my birthday in my head, and I so don’t want to celebrate my birthday this year. IDK why but I just feel like I won’t be ready for another birthday until like September 2020. Can I skip my birthday this year? Anyways this week’s topic isn’t even my birthday, or the year ending! It’s about *drumroll* MENTAL HEALTH!!! Woohoo!! These are favorite posts to write because it kind of reads like my diary, and it’s very therapeutic for me.

Last month I celebrated a few ups and a few downs, which can feel magnified when you constantly feel like your life is under a magnifying glass! My life is pretty great and by MANY standards I don’t have it very hard at all, and I try to be mindful of that. Especially given my proclivity for complaining! LOL! (Comes with the Khelsea package. Jonn knows! XD ) Having to constantly remind yourself that you have a plan and are executing your plan, even given the change in circumstances, gets tiring! WTF! Sometimes you just want to be whiny and complain like, “WHY ME GOD WHYYY MEEEEEEEEEE!”

You know like those overly dramatic stories you got sucked into as a kid ‘cause your grandparents watched them? Yeah like that.

But then I’m like, “Khelsea, you’re being a little bitch, toughen up.” And then *Happy(from FairyTail) voice* I’m like, “That’s insane, you’re overwhelmed. Take a break.” Okay so maybe I’m the first one and Jonn is the second one. But does it matter who says it? No this is my blog! Ha! So my wonderful hubby came up with this great idea to help us reconnect as a couple, and also look after our mental health. Every once in a while, like once a month, we take a mental health day. Two weeks ago I really needed one after some not nice things my mom insinuated/said about me. Jonn said let’s just get away, and I said, “I’m already in the car, whatchu waiting fo?!”

It didn’t matter what we did, we just went out and did some shit. We ate, we walked, we made some content, we chatted in the car in a parking lot about nothing at all. We got into an argument and then talked through our disagreement. He poured into my cup when I needed it, and reminded me who the fuck I am. Sometimes you need that. It sounds weird but it is easy to forget who you are and get caught up in someone else’s idea of who you are, whether it’s good or bad. Take time to reset, recharge, and reassess. It’s almost annoyingly preachy how preachy I get right?! LMAO It’s okay, I don’t care. See aforementioned ownership of blog. This is my blog. LOL!

I recently saw a post on IG that said,

“I pray you find someone who speaks your language so you don’t have to spend a lifetime trying to translate your spirit."

And I felt that shit y’all. It made me think of my hubby to be, I thought of how he cares for me, and reads me. Sometimes we are scarily in tune. It’s down right disgustingly cute, but he knows me, he sees ALL of me, and he loves me. He wants to get to know the me I’m becoming, and it’s effing beautiful. Without my taking time to nourish my mental health, I would not be in the head space to appreciate and love on my hubby, far more build a brand! You cannot pour from an empty cup, so take time to fill it back up.

This weekend Jonn is taking a mental health day, and I can’t wait to see what helps soothe his spirit, to help him fill his cup back up. That’s all folks, see you next week. Take care of yourself.

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