Hey Y'all, Hey!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Hello Kings and Queens! My name is Khelsea, and I am the founder of Kaiso Goddess Skincare. I've been thinking and working and building, but I haven't introduced myself to you guys! I personally buy from people that I trust, soooooo why in the world would ya buy from Kaiso Goddess when you don’t even know who is behind the name!? You wouldn’t and I don’t blame you! So I asked my growing tribe, "What do you wanna know?" So here are some questions y’all wanted answered! ;)

Where are you from? I’m from a little island in the Caribbean called Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of some amazing music like Kaiso(calypso) and Soca. Most people have heard of Soca because Trinidad Carnival has become so popular that errbody knows Soca now! I’m not complaining though, #socatakeover. But not many people have heard of Kaiso music. In T&T, Kaiso is like air, it's integral to Trinbagonian culture, every one grows up hearing and singing Kaiso. I'll talk about Kaiso, why I chose that name for my company, and why it resonates so deeply with me in another post. Next Question!

How old are you? Are you single? Never ask a woman her age. Unless she looks super young then it’s okay. I’m 25 years old. Thank you, next.

Why did you start making soaps? Oh god. Okay. Settle in y’all. So I've been plagued by skin problems for as long as I can remember. When I lived in Trinidad my mom, grandma, grandpa, and really my entire family were perplexed by this horrible skin rash that would come and go as it pleased. Doctors couldn't seem to figure out what triggered the rash, and they certainly couldn't figure out how to get it to go away. I remember at one point the rash was AROUND MY EARS, it even took over my entire chest. Living with this rash, that seemed to only pop up at the most inconvenient times, was hell. Well, maybe it wasn't hell, but it seemed that way because I was young and dramatic. Seriously, is there anything worse than having skin problems when you're just starting to care about how you look and if boys like you?? I think not!!! I was itchy as a mother, and the more I scratched, the itchier I got, the worse the rash got, the more inflamed and angry my skin became. Summer was my worst enemy, and it’s only ever summer in Trinidad. *insert upside down smiling emoji* *breathes deeply*

So I battled, more like pleaded, with this rash for years until in 2014, an allergist told me that my rash was actually a fun combination of eczema and an allergic reaction to various chemicals. Chemicals that as it turned out were in my food, my make-up products, my cleaning products, my hygiene products, EVERYTHING! I was living in a world that made my body sick. Despite how depressing it was to find out that my life needed a comprehensive overhaul, I was sooo happy and relieved! At least I now had an idea of what was causing my problem, so the issue became managing my eczema and allergies! So I changed errthanggg! If it touched my skin or was ingested, it needed to be completely free of every allergen. Basically what that meant was, mainstream products were no longer for me. Favorite liquid detergent? Goodbye. Favorite Dove bar? Goodbye. Existing make-up? Goodbye. Cetaphil lotion? BUH BYE! When I cleaned out all the allergen riddled products and took stock of what I was left with, I realized I have nothing to clean and moisturize my body. Immediate concerns for someone with eczema. So I started looking for natural, low ingredient products, or herbal remedies to combat the itchy rash THAT I WAS STILL LOOKING FOR RELIEF FROM.

Flash forward a year, maybe a little less. I found so many awesome natural products at my, now favorite, store Paris Beauty in Trenton NJ. I was so hype about the natural (and black owned) soaps I found that I wanted to share them with the world! Sidebar; one of the reasons I was playing with the idea of doing a blog is because I’m always sharing things I love or that worked for me or what new store/brand I found with family and friends. So it’s not like I wasn’t already blogging, I just wasn’t blogging in the strictest definition of the word. Anyways! I told my mom about all the great products I found and she was very quick to point out that I could make my own soaps if I so pleased. After all, "...you took chemistry too, you can make your own soaps." It was a lightbulb moment if I ever had one! I never even thought of making my own products!! And why would I? Most people are content to just buy the dove bars because they're cheap and they don't have to invest the time into making them. But I had gradually become more crunchy, so the idea of making and using a soap that helps my skin recover/heal was so exciting to me! I started researching, watching videos, finding recipes, and experimenting. When my soaps started to work, I thought, “Okay, so who needs to know about these soaps,” causeeeeeeee LOOK AT MY SKIN DOE!!! I was over the moon. Do y’all know what it’s like to be itchy FOR YEARS and then finally have a solid 6 months eczema/allergy free?????? DO YOU!?! If you don’t know what eczema/dermatitis free skin feels like, you need to try our soaps and lotions, cause you’re missing out.

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