Have You Tried...?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

What’s goin’ on witcha babay?! Can you tell that I haven't figured out a little starting catch phrase or something yet? *laughing crying emoji* I hope errbody is having a great day/week/month/year! If you’re not, don’t worry there’s always time to improve your situation. If you’re alive, tomorrow has the chance to be a better day! And don’t you forget it!!

So I am in the middle of an eczema break out. It’s been years since I’ve had an actual eczema episode! YEARS. Even as I lament my weak will that lead me to having eczema on my chest at the very beginning of bikini season, I’m also celebrating. Why am I celebrating my eczema? Two reasons, first; IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I HAD AN ECZEMA BREAKOUT and that is always reason to celebrate, and second; it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment and create new products. Which brings me to today’s topic! Have you tried our new lotions?! No?!! What?!? (I love these dialogs with no one but me LOL). Kaiso Goddess Skincare is rolling out two new lotions AND two new body butters this year. And the lotions are to live by! I cannot get enough, and luckily you cannot use too much! Ha! Both lotions were made for people that suffer from eczema, both are great and nourishing even if you don’t have eczema. My winter time favorite is the heavier of the two lotions, its’ main ingredients are Lavender infused coconut oil, and cocoa butter, and hence it is called Skin Poppin'. The second is a much lighter, but deeply restorative lotion, its main ingredients are Calendula infused Kukui Nut oil and Aloe Vera, and hence it is called Nuts for Kukui. Get it? LOL. It’s okay, I laughed and that’s all that matters!

If you’re like me and like a more naturally fragrant and highly moisturizing lotion then Skin Poppin' is for you. The cocoa butter makes this lotion very thick at room temperature, yet it is easy to apply and hugs your skin. If your skin is crazy dry, even when you hydrate like a mother, then Skin Poppin' will give you just the right level of moisture. I have an insane amount of scars, and because I am a melanin queen, my skin tends to hyper pigment when healing. (Hyper pigmenting is a condition that causes the skin to darken.) This can be especially true for people that suffer from eczema and contact dermatitis. If you’re like me and you have BOTH dermatitis and eczema, combined with hyperpigmentation then you probably have a lot of dark scars. Skin Poppin' is not only great for helping combat eczema and dermatitis but it is also great at helping your skin heal faster, and properly. Since it helps reduce inflammation, with daily use you will get relief from your symptoms faster, it will help fade scars, all while healing your skin. Seriously cocoa butter is amazing! It’s helped people heal skin conditions for generations and it will work wonders on your skin. Not to mention you’ll smell like chocolate all day. Win win!!

Okay now, not everyone is into heavier, oily lotions. Especially during the warmer months! Having your skin covered in heavy oils/butters on a hot humid day can feel like a death sentence. But then eczema. So…….yeah. But I want it all, and I will have it all, so I made another lotion. My summer time eczema relief lotion. Nuts for Kukui! Summer is by far my favorite time of the year, anyone that knows me, knows I love being in the sun, and I very rarely get too hot. 95 degrees with 60% humidity, aaand I’m still chillin with no A.C! I bet you feel real sorry for my hairy fiancé right about now! LOL! He loves me so he volunteered as tribute to die of heat exposure (while indoors). Sidebar; anyone know how I can get emojis for my laptop? So many of these sentences need to be punctuated with emojis! Halppp! Comment some ways I can get emojis for Windows! Okay back on topic! So I made Nuts for Kukui because Kukui Nut Oil happens to be one of the best oils for dealing with eczema and inflammation. It is also liquid at room temp so it makes for a much “lighter feeling” when applied to the skin. I combined it with Aloe Vera because Aloe Vera! It’s summer time, there’s sunshine almost every day and if you spend any amount of time outside you need protection from the sun. What’s better at protecting and healing your skin from sun exposure than Aloe Vera?? I’ll wait………

Even if you don’t have eczema, using this lotion daily will leave your skin feeling supple, nourished and loved. Also the glow is insane. I’ll let you in on a little insider tip!! There’s a variation of Nuts for Kukui that includes turmeric which is great for even skin tone and gives a wonderful natural tan to your skin. Shhh! don’t tell anyone, it’s not on the website yet! (If only I had an emoji to punctuate this sentence!*upside down smiling emoji*) So here’s where I sound like a shameless sales woman. But I’m not even mad about it because I love these lotions and I know you’ll love them the moment they caress your eczema to death! LOL! Writing this post has me thinking about which lotion I love more, and honestly it’d have to be Nuts for Kukui! My favorite thing about Nuts for Kukui? The almost instant relief from itchiness when applied to my skin. As I’m suffering from an eczema/dermatitis flare up now, Nuts for Kukui has been my best friend. I apply it as often as I feel, and quite liberally to affected areas. With daily use, you’ll experience the love and tender care Nuts for Kukui wraps you in, not to mention the way it makes you feel like a divine being walking in light and purpose. ;)

All of my products are natural and therefore do not have any preservatives. I am highly allergic to most preservatives so I’ve forgone them in my products. Instead I use Vitamin E oil to extend shelf life, and help inhibit the growth of bacteria. That being said, you should store your lotions from Kaiso Goddess Skincare in a cool dry location to help ensure your lotion does not ‘go bad.’ I keep mine in my refrigerator, and pull it out when I need it. Not only does it extend my lotion’s shelf life but it also feels amazing after a warm shower on a hot summer’s day! My fridge has more skincare products than it does food at this point! Maybe I should get a mini fridge for my skincare products? *insert thinking emoji* Wait have you seriously made it all the way to the end of this post and STILL not ordered your lotions?? Whatisyouwaitingfor?? Consider this your sign from the universe; Healthy Skin This Way----> www.kaisogoddessskincare.com

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