3 Ways You’re Creating Eczema Flare Ups!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Grand Rising #KaisoTribe! It’s starting to get colder, which means drier air! If you’re suffering from eczema then you probably dread this time of year! And with good reason! Even when you don’t have eczema this rapid change in weather can be hard on your skin. But did you know that you're causing eczema flare ups by doing these three things?! SAY WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT! Even if you’re eating right and avoiding your triggers, you are most likely STILL doing these 3 things that will and ARE setting your eczema off!

1. You don’t use a shower head filter!

If you’re NOT using a shower head filter you’re working against yourself here. Your skin will never truly be able to absorb moisture and stay moisturized if you are not showering with clean water. Well what do I mean clean water? Water that comes through your plumbing is clean but it also is not. There is hard minerals in your water, as well as chlorine and trihalomethanes. If you don’t like the way your shower glass looks from hard water build up, then imagine how your skin looks! Using a shower head filter that removes chlorine, THMs and other impurities will greatly improve your skin health, while also reducing the dryness of your skin. Showers should be hydrating and cleansing after all!

2. You take HOT showers!

Okay so I could have put this in with #1, but it really does warrant its own discussion! I am the FIRST person to take a longggggg piping hot, steamy shower. So I really commiserate with you on this one! After a hard and cold day, nothing feels better than cranking the tunes, diffusing some eassential oils and taking a long shower, or a nice soak. But doing this every day?! Oh lord have mercy on my skin! Hot showers/bath are a HUGE no no when you have eczema. Let me explain. First; exposure to high temperatures denatures keratin cells which help lock in moisture. So water as hot as you can stand it, for 10-15 minutes makes your skin drier(less keratin cells) and makes it EASIER for your skin to dry out(less keratin cells doing their job keeping moisture in the epidermis). You can see where taking hot showers would work against eczema sufferers already. But it doesn’t stop there! *Insert crying emoji* Hot showers also cause you to itch more. You know how after wash day you skin is itchy from the loose hairs from detangling? I get that level of itchy just from taking a hot shower!! Hot showers causes mast cells to release histamines into the skin which causes itchiness. With eczema, just the initiation of scratching is enough to set off a flare up which can last for months! Do yourself a favor and trade hot for lukewarm!

3. YOu use Cocamidopropyl, Isothiazolinones, Fragrances, Neomycin and Bacitracin.

Not sure what those are? Let’s put it in terms of what they’re in! Cocamidopropyl is in your lotions, shampoos etc, it makes it thicker! Isothiazolinones are antibacterials used in personal care. Neomycin and Bacitracin are common over the counter antibacterial ointments. And of course fragrances in your soaps and household cleaners! Most people that suffer from eczema also have allergies and so they make sure to avoid their allergens but do not look out for these chemicals. Many of these compounds will set off your eczema because they create conditions for dry skin which can lead to small cracks/tears in the epidermis which leave you open to infection and itchiness! Avoiding products that contain these chemicals will go a long way in managing your eczema.

When I first started on my journey I did a lot of research on what was happening with my body and how I can stop the over-reaction. At its core eczema is a version of an autoimmune disease. Your body has a hard time telling who is friend or foe, so anything can set you off! When I reached the point in the eczema care journey where I realized the best products to manage my skin health were the ones where I knew exactly what was in them, I knew I needed natural skin care! Using natural, plant based products to get itchiness relief, or deliver moisture or clean your skin, or repair your skin is ALWAYS the best route for eczema sufferers. Try replacing Cetaphil with Nuts for Kukui, and your Dove Beauty Bar with Sweet Surrender, take lukewarm showers, and get a shower head filter TODAY! Your skin will thank you, and your emotional/mental well being will bloom. I promise.

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