A story of Divinity

Meet Khelsea

Khelsea Sealy founded Kaiso Goddess Skincare in 2018, after finding out she had a host of allergies that made life very uncomfortable, and made her skin, well...let's say not divine. But she didn't start making her own soaps until 2017, after she was forced to clean up her skin care routine to help with her many skin allergies. Back then she held out hope, against all reason, that she could still buy the big brand products and her skin would be okay.

It turns out though, when your skin is as sensitive as hers, even the "organic and chemical free" products are filled with chemicals that still caused an allergic reaction. So what's a girl tuh do?! A girl started making her own products and said goodbye to inflamed, itchy skin. You can do the same, when you #nourishyourdivinity with Kaiso Goddess Skincare.It's the entire reason Khelsea developed and started selling all natural skincare products. Kaiso Goddess Skincare is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product to nourish your skin, at a price that won’t threaten your financial stability.

We know that not everyone has eczema, but with a whopping 10% of Americans dealing with eczema, or some form of dermatitis, including our found Khelsea Sealy, we understand the daily frustration of managing your eczema. Kaiso Goddess Skincare was created because Khelsea needed to take better care of her skin, and she started selling her skin care products because they work. “I know that if even one person tries my soaps and finally finds relief, it will have been worth ALL the extra effort it took to take my skin care products from my kitchen to your bathroom.” – Khelsea Sealy, Founder, Kaiso Goddess Skincare.